I’m so excited that my first true post of a gig I caught in NYC is the glorious Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes.  Introduced to me by my friend Arjan, the video for Daniel entranced me, and her live show entrenched me further.  I was so impressed with the multiple instruments that Natasha and her bandmates all played, like a harpsicord (above), really?   So great.  My favorite part of the night was “Siren Song,” by far my favorite track off her new EP, Two Moons.  Do you remember October Project from the mid-’90s?  Her voice reminds of October Project.  Love her.  See you Tuesday at Governor’s Island for a little ’80s nostalgia!!

DSC00347 DSC00355

  1. geoff

    This was a fun show. I didn’t know that was a dulcimer, I didn’t even pay attention to it on the record. I think that was what made her live show so cool–all the strange sounds and instruments were all really obvious live.


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