Tonight I hopped on the E-train and made my way down to Canal and Lafayette streets to catch Canadian electropop group Dragonette at Santo’s Party House in SoHo.  Picture it… it’s Thursday night and the doors open at 11:00 p.m.  Um, did the promoters know I have a 9:30 client meeting in the morning??  The place is full of club kids so I immediately feel out of place!

You know what, it’s worth it!  I’m immediately taken with Dragonette frontwoman Martina Sorbara when she takes the stage at 1:15 a.m. to “I Get Around.”  Her voice reminds me of Kylie’s, but then again, she has a voice all her own.  Just beautiful.  I’ve been listening to their new album, Fixin’ to Thrill, all week long in anticipation of this show.  They didn’t disappoint.  Maneuvering myself in true CenterOrch fashion, I’m fascinated by the dynamics of Sorbara and her husband, the beautiful Brazilian Dan Kurz.  Both are amazing and clearly adoring of each other.  He’s the music writer.  She writes the lyrics.


Honestly, I don’t know a lot of their earlier material, but the songs off their new album are amazing.  They played just about all my favorites, “Pick Up the Phone” and the title track and concert closer, “Fixin’ to Thrill.”  But my favorites off their new offering are simply pop bliss… “Okay Dolores” and “Big Sunglasses” are the best tracks on Fixin’ to Thrill, if you ask me.  Both BIG crowd pleasers.

At one point Martina lamented her joy of being in New York after sharing that they played to 14 people in Springfield, Missouri.  Well, guess who went to college in Springfield, Mo.???  Your’s truly!!!  I’m impressed they found Springfield… I just hope they weren’t on their way to Branson (just a mere 30 miles south)!  Nope, you’re in New York City now, and Santo’s is packed.   I was lucky to meet Dan Kurz after the show and surprised to hear Martina was sick all night.  The fact I couldn’t tell is a sure sign of a great performer.  I want them to make it big time… Go buy their new album, for sale on iTunes now, you’ll love it!



You know you’re up close when…

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