Madison Square Garden is a storied venue, but not my favorite to see concerts.  I’m spoiled with the intimacy of so many other great venues in New York, so when an act blows into town at MSG, I attend reluctantly… But tonight’s special, as my entire crew of friends pile in to see Fergie Ferg (above, center) and the Black Eyed Peas!

We missed opening acts Ludacris and LMFAO, but were thrilled to see David Guetta in the house to spin a few tunes to warm up the crowd.  Resident DJ at Pacha in Ibiza, Guetta has become a worldwide sensation through his genious collaborations with the likes of Kelly Rowland, Akon and of the Black Eyed Peas.  I heard he was spinning at Pacha New York later that night… just one block away from my apartment!  Strangely, the mafia (or stage crew) walked out and broke down his set before he could play “Sexy Bitch.”  Damn that NYC 11:00 p.m. concert curfew!

David Guetta

Finally, the Black Eyed Peas take the stage with “Let’s Get It Started.”  They go on to play all my favorites from past albums: “Don’t Phunk With My Heart,” “My Humps,” and “Where Is The Love?” as well as tunes from their latest, The E.N.D., including “Rock That Body,” “Imma Be,” “Rockin to the Beat,” and “Meet Me Half Way.”  My favorite performance by the entire band was “Missing You,” and Fergie shines.  She is a star, and is a brilliant producer and mixer.  I really didn’t know that about him until seeing this show.  The other two BEPs seem to pale in comparison to Will & Ferg.

About mid-way through the show, each BEP takes the stage as a solo artist, beginning with the two guys whose names have escaped me… But then Fergie takes the stage and pulls out all her hot solo singles, including “Fergalicious,” “Glamorous” and her mega hit, “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”  I’m just going to say it.  I love Fergie for two reasons: 1.) That voice.  She takes hits about her voice, but I think it’s pretty amazing.  Did you see Nine?  And I once saw her perform with Heart and she could hold her own next to Ann Wilson singing “Barracuda.”  2.) She’s a hot tranny.  Gorgeous?  Mannish?  What was she wearing?  Artists like her stand out.  There’s nothing boring about Fergie.  Oh, and then there’s Josh.  She fascinates me.’s solo DJ set (above) got mixed reviews among my friends, but I thought it was pretty fun.  Michael Jackson, Eurythmics, and other artists’ songs diversified the night’s music and made it less “all about the Black Eyed Peas.”  Will’s set was a little self-indulgent, but I liked it.  In the E.N.D., the four peas reunited and closed the show with “Boom Boom Pow,” and the biggest hit of their careers, “I Gotta Feeling.”  David Guetta joined them, along with Ludicrus for the final song.  Pretty cool to see all that talent on the stage of Madison Square Garden.  Only in New York.

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