I love a last-minute invitation to a concert!  My friends Ricardo and Greg had an extra ticket for U.K. electro-group Groove Armada, led by Andy Cato and Tom Findlay.  I always thought Groove Armada was more of a DJ group like Freemasons, but to my surprise they’ve dropped five or six LPs and a slew of EPs since the mid-’90s, including their new album, Black Light.

I’m in the middle of a sea of 20-something hipsters (man, I feel old)!   I’m intrigued with GA’s new front woman, the spunky, Robyn-esque SaintSaviour.  As the concert progressed, she gets better and better.  I love, love, love the song, “Time & Space,” which beautifully showcases her power vocals.  I don’t know who the guy was who performed four or five of GA’s songs while SaintSaviour was off-stage, but he was a big crowd pleaser.  Pretty cool show.

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