My friends at invited me to The Bitter End Saturday night for an intimate performance by the all-girl rock band, Antigone Rising.  I didn’t know much about them before the show, but by the bitter end, they earned a fan in me.  May I first say that I love The Bitter End.  Such a dive, and I kept imagining a young, brunette Stefani Germanotta getting her early start here before she exploded as Lady Gaga.

Founded by sisters Kristen and Cathy Henderson back in the ’90s, Antigone Rising has experienced a lot of highs and lows.  Through it all, they have a really devoted fan base.  Buzz in the room was that they were the first artists signed to Starbucks’ Hear Music series back in 2005, which spotlights new artists.  As a marketing guy by day who loves to discover new music by night, that story fascinated me.

I sort of crushed on lead singer Nini Camps (above right), who has a really beautiful voice.  More rock and less pop, this whole situation reminds me of The Bangles.  Nini’s the Susanna Hoffs of the group.  You’ll recall she joined sisters Debbi and Vicki Peterson back in the ’80s.  I guess the point is I love all-girl groups, and to find one that sounds like Fleetwood Mac is all-good in my book.  Then sample “The Chain?”  You win my heart.  See you again soon, girls.

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