Two nights in a row at Bowery Ballroom.  Life is sweet!  Last night, V.V. Brown, tonight the feisty Kate Nash.  I’ll admit I’m late jumping on the Kate Nash bandwagon, but better late than never, right?   She’s often compared to Lily Allen, and I get it.  After seeing her tonight (and Lily last year) I have to argue that each has their own thing going on.  Besides, who cares?  I say there’s enough room for both.  In fact, Nash is one of many talented young British women to make their mark on the increasingly diverse music scene, and anyone who reads my blog would know, I’m a fan of all of them.  I think Kate Nash is special and a major talent.

Tonight she was in New York to support the release of her sophomore album, My Best Friend is You.  It’s a bit of a departure from her singer-songwriter debut album, Made of Bricks.  This record features a lot of intense rock hooks, but also nods to Motown and retro girl-groups like The Supremes.  Need proof?  First listen to the bitter and raw “I Just Love You More,” and then check out the video for her latest single, “Do-Wah-Doo.”  Set in the fuselage of a 1950s airplane, I’m smitten with her flight attendant dance moves.  Fierce, fearless, then cute and adorable all in one package.

The night was, let’s say interesting.  Kate had a troupe of 13-year-olds called Supercute opening her U.S. dates.   They call themselves that so they can say on stage, “We’re super cute.”  That was about as cute as it got.  So let’s move on to the main event. Kate Nash hops on stage with crutches and apparently a foot/ankle injury.  She never told the crowd what happened, but then again, she wasn’t overly chatty with the crowd at Bowery.  She opened the show with some of the strongest tracks off her new album, “Paris,” then she played her new single “Do Wah Doo”   Then a flashback with “Mouthwash” before cranking it out on guitar with “Kiss That Grrrl” and “Take Me To A Higher Plane.”  The latter, I loved, and she expressed such desire and passion.

As much as I love her angry anthems, I love her softer side too.  “Seagulls” and “I’ve Got A Secret” are simply poignant and beautiful, and it’s great to see Kate jump from angry to vulnerable in one song.  At this point, she began to flirt and interact with the audience a bit more.  The crowd gets into it just one note into her best known song, “Foundations.”  But my personal favorite was her performance of “Later On.”  I was running on the Hudson River last weekend and I just put this song on repeat.  “That boy behind the curtain was no one that I trusted.  I didn’t like his face I didn’t think he was cute. But I kissed him just to get some information. I used my body and his desperation.”  I love this girl and I love this song.  I’m so glad I found the Kate Nash bandwagon.  If it comes to your town, jump on board and go see her.

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