Kate Nash reminds me of the Go-Go’s, and I like it.  Super cute look and sound set to dark and dreary lyrics.  I saw Kate last Spring at Bowery Ballroom.  At the time, she was a little bitter, having to hop around and maneuver crutches on stage.  Now standing on her own two feet, she was in a much better mood Friday night at Terminal 5.  Kate’s music is riddled with passion and angst, and it is sometimes disguised as classic girl group fun, and other times straight up.  She opened with “I Just Love You More” from her new album, My Best Friend Is You.  This song falls into the straight up category, with wails, screams and all.  The Shirelles in her came out in “Do-Wah-Doo,” “Kiss That Grrl,” “Paris” and “Mouthwash.”  The last song captured my feelings about the whole experience:  “And I’m feeling ‘uh oh,’ on a Friday night.  And I hope everything is going to be all right.”  Perhaps it was just the relief of surviving a crazy week at work.

Other highlights of the night included “Take Me To A Higher Plane,” the somber “I Hate Seagulls,” “Skeleton Song,” “Mariella” and my favorite song off her latest album, “Later On.”  Another great moment was her performance of “Birds.”  This song was originally the b-side to her first single, “Caroline’s a Victim,” way back in 2005.  I captured the moment on video, so check it out:

She closed her set with her biggest hit to date, “Foundations” from 2007, and fan favorite, “Merry Happy.”  She returned for one encore, “Pumpkin Soup.”  I really like Kate Nash, and hope that she keeps writing great music while being able to differentiate herself from the crowded field of cute British ingenues who are talented and opinionated.  The night produced a new catch phase for me:  Super Cute.  Not only was Kate super cute, her opening act was called Super Cute.  Two teenage girls from New York playing ukuleles and giant bows in their hair and singing about turtles.  Surreal but super cute.  What was not super cute was my hangover Saturday morning.  Ouch.

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