Utah-bred alt-rock Neon Trees recently played Webster Hall and their hooky songs with an ’80s flair and the slight flamboyance of front man Tyler Glenn made it feel like the gayest straight concert I’ve been to in a while.  After gaining nationwide exposure opening for The Killers on their 2008 tour, Neon Trees branched out in 2010 with their debut album Habits, featuring their first hit “Animal.”

While I wouldn’t say I’m a rabid fan of the Trees, I do like the song “1983” which I originally thought would be reminiscent of Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69.  I was wrong. It was not a look back to the summer of 1983, rather it was the year the band members were born.  Ouch.  I was 12.  Still, it’s a great song.  But my favorite song in their set was a cover of “Never Tear Us Apart” by the great Aussie band INXS.  Their 1988 Kick tour is one of my fondest concert memories ever.

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