Thank you, John Valentine Grande Pike.  You know who you are.  Inside the MAC cosmetics store in SoHo on Fashion’s Night Out, I was lucky to stand at the corner of a small stage while hot male models continuously refilled my champagne glass and see one of my favorite artists perform, Gossip’s feisty and fabulous frontwoman Beth Ditto.  The plus-size delicious diva appeared in a form-fitting rainbow dress, razored bob and bangs and bold MAC make-up and performed two of the four pop gems found on her 2011 self-titled solo EP, “Do You Need Someone” and “I Wrote the Book.”  Somewhere between the brassy brilliance of Bette Midler and the backwoods Barbie of Dolly Parton, Ditto’s brand of pop music spans the spectrum.  Proof of that was her ballsy cover of Madonna’s “Vogue” and a womped-up remix of Parton’s “Jolene” mashed up with a pinch of skinny ‘n sweet “9 to 5.”

Beth Ditto is major.

Speaking of pop gems, I spotted my beloved Marina Diamandis of Marina & The Diamonds about three feet away from me.  Wearing a vintage seafoam green slip dress and ultra-soft pink cashmere sweater, Marina was adorable.  I approached her after the show, tapped her shoulder and said to her, “I just wanted to let you know that you look radioactive tonight.”  I got a big, “Oooohhhhhh!” and at least five hugs over the next 10 minutes literally “drinking shampain” together, talking about New York vs L.A., the fact that she has a lame phone, and her awesome new single “Radioactive” and album due in February.  By the way, my eyes look radioactive in the photo above.

High on our Marina encounter, my pal Joey and I made our way over to Tammany Hall on the Lower East Side to check out emerging pop star Wynter Gordon.  When we arrived we were told she would go on at 12:30 a.m., so we left to grab some dinner.  Sadly, we returned at 11 and she was already performing (I curse the door girl!) so I only got to see her perform two songs, but it was worth it.  She randomly covered Katy Perry’s “E.T. Extraterrestrial” and ended her set with my favorite song on her debut EP, “Still Getting Younger.”  At 40-years-old, it’s sort of become my anthem for the summer of 2011.  Definitely want to keep my eye on Wynter and see her again soon.

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