I don’t know how or when I got turned on to Jessica 6, but I did.  With their songs on heavy rotation on my iPod, I finally got to see them perform at Mercury Lounge last Saturday night.  Their name inspired by the lead character in the book, Logan’s Run, the “nu disco” band is comprised of bassist Andrew Raposo, keyboardist Morgan Wiley and traffic-halting front woman Nomi Ruiz.   Her voice is so deep, lush and interesting, it always reminds of me Culture Club’s glam front man, Boy George.

Brooklyn-based Jessica 6 has its first album out, See the Light, and I don’t have it.  But I do have two mp3s that I love and various remixes — their 2009 debut single “Fun Girl,” which opened their set, and “White Horse,” released earlier this year and apparently was a minor hit in Belgium.  Nomi has strong stage presence, gorgeous and those legs! but I felt like the power of her voice got lost in the music.  Blame it on the small venue?  Then something happened.  I went up front to get a beer and heard a familiar song.  They covered the brilliant Mark Ronson and Boy George collaboration, “Somebody to Love Me,” off Ronson’s 2010 album.  I was so excited, I raced back into the performance space to witness her slay this song.  This time, her vocals won out over the music.  So hot.  Jessica 6 just cemented my love and affection for life.  Now let me see you dance.

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