The eccentric Icelandic performing artist Bjork scheduled a slew of dates in New York to bring to life her 2011 album Biophilia.  I’ve never seen her perform live before, so I had to go.  I love vintage Bjork’s “Big Time Sensuality” and “Bachelorette,” but the material from Biophilia is from another world, or perhaps just biologically and organically from our world.  Billed as the world’s first “app album,”  Bjork has described the project as a multimedia installation that features music, apps, sculpture, animation, video, Internet and live shows and focuses such themes as viruses, gravity, weather and the moving of tectonic plates.  Taking over Roseland Ballroom for a week or so, she set up theater-in-the-round style to bring all these elements to life in an exhilarating and haunting show.

Her performance featured the support of 20-25 beautiful Icelandic women who served as choir, back-up singers and dancers.  Really interesting to see Bjork, dressed in an over-exaggerated indigo dress and rusted Brillo pad wig, work all corners of the stage with her entourage of girls.  I didn’t know any of the songs she performed until the encore when she sang “Possibly Maybe” from the 1995 album Post.  My favorite moment of the show was when the screens above the stage projected time lapsed video of star fish and sea cucumbers devouring a carcass (see below).  Only Bjork.

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