Early and obvious loitering around the doorman at the Music Hall of Williamsburg scored me a cheap ticket to join friends for a night of alliteration: Penguin Prison and The Temper Trap.  The former I’ve written about before and will again.  Chris Glover and his band seem to be opening for every act in town lately, and I’m not complaining.  Chris Glover is a New York native who studied voice at performing arts schools with contemporaries Holy Ghost and Alicia Keys.  Hope he’s finally getting his due.  All the best from the album were played: “A Funny Thing,” “Golden Train,” “Something I’m Not,” “The Worse It Gets,” lead single “Don’t Fuck With My Money,” my favorite track “Fair Warning” and  set closer “Multi-Millionaire.”  I march to the beat of these penguins.

The Temper Trap is an Australian band I’m just getting to know though made its mark in 2009 with Conditions.  They’re about to embark on a big tour to support their eponymous sophomore record.  Indonesian-born front man Dougy Mandagi appeared wearing a bright blue floral shirt and started with a new song “Repeater” and their newest single, the awesome “Need Your Love.”  “Love Lost” was next followed by two new songs, “Rabbit Hole” and “Happiness.”  I can’t wait until their new album comes out as I think I’m going to be a big advocate for them.  I feel very lucky to have caught them before they play bigger venues this summer.  It was their closer and best known single “Sweet Disposition” that proved to be the biggest crowd pleaser.  I was certainly pleased; however, my girls got the last Sanderson Sisters cackle.  They met a penguin on their way out the door.  Where was I?  They’d love to know.

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