Dragonette, the little Canadian electro group that could, is seriously gaining steam.  Since they released their 2009 sophomore album Fixin to Thrill, they’ve toured extensively and collaborated with the likes of Don Diablo, Kaskade and most notably, Martin Solveig, who’s 2011 smash “Hello” has made the dazzling vocals of Martina Sorbara a ubiquitous staple on radio and dance floors around the world.  So with their own new material beginning to surface, I was fixin’ to be thrilled again when they landed in New York to play the best venue in town, Bowery Ballroom.

My question on how they would incorporate their collaborations was answered immediately.  They opened with “Hello.”  Why not?  I thought it was a stroke of genius to kick off the night with a song they’re likely most famous for, but honestly, not the track for which they should be best known.  It was the perfect bridge from their recent success to the future.  And the future is not only promising, it can’t get here soon enough.  I can’t wait for new track “Live In This City” to be released because it’s musical cat nip.  Indelibly intoxicating and irresistible.  Dragonette just keeps getting better, better.  Up next was “Liar” from their last album, Don Diablo’s “Animale,” and “The Right Woman,” featured on Diane von Furstenberg’s third installment of the compilation album, Proud to be a Woman, which celebrates International Women’s Day.  Then they played another new track, “My Work is Done,” but it was the pumped up mix of “Pick Up The Phone” that got my toes tapping, as did Kaskade’s “Fire In Your New Shoes.” “My Legs Go Out Late” was the fourth new track performed, followed by my favorite Dragonette song, the easy breezy “Easy,” written by drummer Joel Stouffer.  That song gets me every time.

I pause now for a few thoughts as I reflect on the night.  I’ve seen Dragonette four or five times in the last few years.  They’re always infectious, always fun.  But something felt different this time.  They’re stronger, more confident and polished.  Martina did all the talking too, which I thought was interesting.  After the show I was fortunate to get to “say hello” (wink) to each of them separately — Martina, Dan and Joel.  I have a big fat crush on them all, and they look terrific, rested and ready to rule the world.  But most important, I genuinely like these guys.  I think the music they make and chemistry among them is special.  They are so underrated and deserve so much more attention.  I can’t help but root for them.

Four fierce tracks rounded out their main set.  An epidemic is sweeping the Big Apple and it’s Spring fever.  A pair of “Big Sunglasses” and “Our Summer (of sex!)” was our cure.  But “we don’t need a cure for the weight of the world.”  If you’re even remotely a fan, you know I’m eluding to lyrics from their sensational new single, “Let It Go.”  We have a summer song contender here.  I don’t know what to say other than it’s quintessential Dragonette:  synthy, hooky, peppy, happy.  And I can’t get enough. They ended their set with the head-bobbing and pogo-dancing “Fixin’ to Thrill.”

For their encore, Martina welcomed Tegan and Sara pal Sara Quin on stage to perform “Okay Dolore,” which was penned by Quin though the two had never performed it together on stage until tonight.  That song’s a guilty pleasure for sure.  They bid us farewell with “I Get Around,” their 2007 breakout single and the only song of the night off their debut album Galore.  As the following images prove, they just may be the most colorful band in pop music today.  See you at SoHo House and Coachella!

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