Apparently I’m a rare bird.  I already know that, but it’s nice to get validation from time to time.  On my way to the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, I read there are seven types of people who attend: hopeless drug addicts, industry a-holes, bro’s, dirty hippies, kids on ecstasy, people with babies and the rarest of birds:  music lovers.  I saw the six former in all their glory, but I’m a proud to be an endangered species.  This was my second Coachella and I loved it even more this year, despite a cold and slightly damp Day 1.  I returned with my pals who I shared the experience with last year, and brought more friends from New York and San Francisco to make up a big fun-loving group of music lovers just like me.  It was perfect and so much fun.  I love my friends.

My first band of the weekend was The Rapture from my town, New York City.  I was a fan of “Sail Away” before seeing them and wanted to hear more.  They reminded me a lot of Hot Chip, sort of quirky, dorky, non-apparent rock dudes.  But they stole my heart when they introduced this song with gumption:  “Whoo! Alright.”  It made me smile all weekend.  Other tracks I liked were “Pieces of People We Love” and “Get Myself Into It.”  Amen, brother.

Up next and highlight of the day for me was French band M83 led by the sexy Anthony Gonzalez.  Their new album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming has been spotted regularly on my Spotify account driven primarily by their single, “Midnight City.”  Their set included “Intro,” “Teen Angst,” “Reunion,” “Sitting,” “We Own The Sky,” “Steve McQueen” and “Couleurs.”  I would have enjoyed this set so much more had I not been freezing my ass off.  Fortunately, I have tickets to see these guys again in Central Park in the dog days of summer when it will be as caliente as Mr. Gonzalez himself.  Day 1 was sort of a bust thanks to the weather, but it was all up hill from there.

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