Fresh off two weekends at Coachella, British electro-rock band The Big Pink made an appearance at Bowery Ballroom Monday night before flying back over the pond.  I am a really big fan of their sophomore album, Future This, but as I wrote in my Coachella round-up, there’s something just a little off when they perform live.  Frontman Robbie Furze is a cool guy, with a Metallica tat on his arm and everything, but seemed not totally comfortable on stage.  He’s a got a great voice but as the kid next to me said after the show was over, “his guitar skills are suspect.”  Ha!
Still, they put on a good show, and I was again in awe of mad drummer Victoria Smith.  They opened with their first two singles off the new album, “Stay Gold” and “Hit the Ground (Superman).”  Other new songs included “Jump Music,” “Give it Up,” “Rubbernecking” and their one ballad, “77.”  Tracks off their 2008 debut album A Brief History of Love included “Velvet,” “Crystal Visions,” “Too Young for Love” and their biggest hit to date, “Dominos.”  They closed with the strongest song off the new album, “Lose Your Mind,” with a long, extended, satisfying guitar and drum jam.  Good stuff.

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