Gossip swung through New York to mark the release of their latest studio album A Joyful Noise.  Joyful indeed.   “Love Long Distance” opened the night followed by “8th Wonder,” both from the Portland band’s last album, Music for Men.  “Move in the Right Direction” was the first off the new album, a slick empowerment anthem with a happy, driving beat.  I’ve been listening to the new stuff for two solid weeks, non-stop and I can’t get enough.

Others off the new album were  “Get a Job,” signaling the band’s maturity from 20s punk to 30s pop, “Get Lost,” a synth-heavy gem that’s sure to be a summer dance floor staple, the lead single and Pat Benatar-esque “Perfect World” and “Into the Wild.”  Still, the fans at Terminal 5 reveled in songs from Music for Men including “Four Letter Word,” “Men in Love” and their main set closer “Heavy Cross,” which has exploded since their last NYC performance thanks to a flawless Charlize Theron strutting all over that Dior ad.  As much as Gossip has matured as a band, they’re not afraid to relive their punk roots with early hits “Yr Mangled Heart” and “Standing in the Way of Control.”  I’d love to keep on writing, but I’ve got to go to work 😉

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