Straight from the Keane concert, a couple of friends joined me at XL to check out Dev.  Earlier in the week, I was lucky enough to attend one of Arjan Writes‘ artist talks with The Cataracs, a hip hop producing/performing duo from the Bay area.  They talked a lot about Dev and their collaboration with Far East Movement.  Long story short, Arjan and the Cataracs inspired me to delve deeper into Dev.  I’m so thankful they did.

At 1:45 a.m. Dev appeared on stage with two stoic, emotionless back up singers to perform “Like a G6,” her work with The Cataracs and Far East Movement.  She’s more rap-infused than I had expected but still, it was hot and she was cool, though she was dressed like she had just dropped off the kids at soccer practice.   She went on to perform “Bass Down Low,” her first single back in 2010, and “In the Dark,” a 2012 song of the summer contender, also produced by The Cataracs.  She has a great voice, interesting vibe and diverse musical influences so it will be interesting to see where she lands with her debut album in September.  I’ll be listening.

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