“Let’s Have a Kiki,” by the Scissor Sisters, rocketed to the top of everyone’s “song of the summer” list starting Memorial Day, but it seemed the kiki was over by Independence Day.  But it was fun while it lasted.  I was fortunate to get the chance to see them perform the song at Rockit at XL and the next night at Terminal 5.

Before I begin, can we just talk about Rye Rye for a minute?  I sort of think this girl is major.  The 21-year-old Baltimore native tore up the stage as the warm-up act and inspired Ana Matronic to lament that she’s been the best opening act the Scissor Sisters have ever had.  I walked into Terminal 5 while the pint-sized rapping firecracker was performing “Boom Boom.”  Honestly, it was the only song I knew by her, but she swiftly impressed me with her next three songs:  “Never Will Be Mine,” “Dance” and “Shake It to the Ground.”  Shake it indeed.  Let’s see where Rye Rye shakes it next.

Finally, my beloved Scissor Sisters took to the stage with “Any Which Way” from their last album Night Work.  It’s their stellar new album Magic Hour that had their fans kiki’d out.  “Keep Your Shoes On” and “Baby Come Home” were up next.  The latter reminded me of vintage Elton John, as does their classic song “Take Your Mama.”  Sometimes Jake Shears’ voice channeled a Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb vibe.  Case in point: “Inevitable.”  More fun from the past: “Running Out” and “Skin This Cat” from Night Work and “Kiss You Off” and “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” from Ta-Dah.  But it’s the new stuff that made me the happiest:  “Year of Living Dangerously” and “Shady Love.”

The gays went into a frenzy when “Let’s Have a Kiki” was performed.  It’s such a fun song, but I thought it was over-choreographed.  I thought a kiki was a party for calming all your nerves.  I thought it would be more chill, not so prescribed, more carefree…  Still, it was fun.  While it is full-on schlocky pop music, I have to admit that I love, love, love their first single off Magic Hour and encore for the night:  “Only the Horses.”  It’s just pure pop bliss.  “Only the horses can bring us back home… tonight.”

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