And so the obsession continues…  Marina & The Diamonds is back with her electrifying sophomore album, Electra Heart.  I was fortunate to catch her twice in two days.  The first time at Google for a YouTube Presents live stream.  Set before an intimate crowd of fans and Google employees, Marina performed five new songs: “Starring Role,” “Power and Control,” “Primadonna,” “Lies” and “How to be a Heartbreaker,” a new song only found on her U.S. album release.

Charming and kitschy as ever, Marina shared with the ditsy interviewer that her style for the record is inspired by vintage motels.  Ok.  Still, I love her unique voice and she has a penchant for writing great hooks.  This time, her album is about love.

The next night was the first of two sold out shows at Webster Hall.  I got there late so I was regretfully in the back, but I still had fun.  She opened with “Homewrecker” and moved into older material with “Oh No!” and “Mowgli’s Road.”  Highlights of the show included favorites off the old album: “I Am Not A Robot,” “Obsessions” and “Shampain” and new favorites “The State of Dreaming,” “Hypocrates” and “Teen Idle.”  But my absolute favorite performances were “Radioactive,” a between-albums release from last Fall and the aforementioned “How to be a Heartbreaker.”  If there’s something I have learned, “wear your heart on your cheek, not on your sleeve.”

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