If there was ever a moment in my life when I was pleased as planter’s punch to be 42-years-old, it was the night I saw Jessie Ware.  Billed as a 2013 Artist to Watch by MTV, I found myself in a hormonal mosh-pit of teenage dreams at the iconic cable channel’s exclusive taping.  There were two types of people at Highline Ballroom that night: Underage teenagers into Eminem wannabe bands trying to score booze and babes, and elder statesmen like me who’ve been swept away by the stunning vocals of Jessie Ware.  While she’s definitely an artist to watch, and as beautiful, gracious and sweet as this British ingenue was, it was not the right event for her play.  I knew friends going to her own show the next night at Bowery Ballroom.  Oh, what I would have paid…

On this night, she performed a stripped down acoustic set of four songs from her debut album: “Night Light,” “No To Love,” “Wildest Dreams” and “Running.” The latter being my personal favorite.  I just found out she’ll be playing Coachella in the Spring.  I’ll be there and my bells are already on.

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