British electro pop artist Little Boots played Music Hall of Williamsburg this week and I was lucky to catch her act the day her new album Nocturnes dropped in the U.S.  She opened with her latest single, “Motorway,” a slick, sultry synth gem that sends the signal that Little Boots is back and on top of her game.  I’m definitely a fan of the new material.  Early favorites performed were “Beat Beat,” a classic disco-tinged dance floor filler, “Crescendo” and my favorite, favorite, the hooky “Satellite.”  Her older material from 2009 and 2010 “New In Town,” “Stuck on Repeat,” “Earthquake,” “Remedy” and “Meddle” were all well-received by her Brooklyn hipster fan base.  Recent singles “Every Night I Say a Prayer,” “Headphones” and “Shake,” her closing number, were by far the fan favorites of the night.  For me, and only me, this is an early contender for album of the summer, at least the first half of the summer.  Everything changes in July.

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