I’m close to stalker status when it comes to Dragonette.  Still riding high on their 2012 album, the trio from Toronto keep getting around.  Last night they played an eclectic set that pulled from their three albums including “Take it Like a Man” and “I Get Around” from Galore, “Pick Up The Phone” and the title track from Fixin’ to Thrill, and the Don Diablo single, “Animale.”  The balance of their picks were off their awesome Bodyparts album: “Live In This City,” “Riot,” “Right Woman” and “Ghost.”  The best songs they played (in my humble opinion) were “My Legs” and “Untouchable.”  The oddest song played is also their most recent single, “Giddy Up.”  Clearly difficult to sing, Martina expressed her nerves before tearing into it and of course she was perfect.  I love that girl.  The ubiquitous “Hello” by Martin Solveig almost closed their set but not until they ended it with their own exclamation point: “Let It Go.”  I’m still bewildered why this band is not on top of the world.  Most under-appreciated and under-marketed band in the world who deserve massive success and blissful happiness for life.  Come on, people… Giddy up.

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