Lucky was I to catch Marina & The Diamonds play Rumsey Field in Central Park for the last gig of her Electra Heart tour.  What I’m most thrilled about is that she has finally found her fan base in the U.S.  They are teenagers — but they are a fan base nonetheless.  All of them with little painted hearts on their cheeks, and nose down in Instagram.  Opening for Marina was fellow Brit, 20-year-old Charli XCX, best known for writing “I Love It” for Swedish duo Icona Pop and being featured on the cut.  “You’re from the ’70s and I’m a ’90s bitch” is the lyric that hurts.  I painted a small tear on my cheek where those ’90s bitches painted hearts.  Ouch.

Marina never disappoints.  From “Homewrecker” to her encore of “How to be a Heartbreaker,” its evident that Marina has grown a ton as an artist.  She exudes confidence and has learned how to rock that body.  Gone are the long black velvet dresses.  While not always the biggest crowd pleasers, she’s at her best when she gets behind the keys and wails on “Obsessions,” “Numb,” “Teen Idle” and “Fear and Loathing.”  It’s her slow jams that resonate most.  Though she’s great at upbeat songs too including my favorite tracks: “The State of Dreaming,” “Oh No” and “Shampain.”  Cheers, Marina.  I’d like another.

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