Friday night I got invited see Boston band Passion Pit on Pier 26 on the Hudson River in Tribeca.  What an amazing venue.  Sadly I hear the concert series at Pier 26 won’t recur next year thanks to a barrage of noise complaints.  Boo!  C’mon, this is New York City.  If you want peace, move the ‘burbs, friends.  While it may be my only concert there, I’m thrilled it was Passion Pit.  Great crowd and everyone was in a great mood given the perfect weather and crisp air that hints Fall is near.  “The Reeling” is my favorite Pit song, but I’m passionate for a few others including “Moth’s Wings” and “Sleepyhead” from their 2010 album Manners and “Carried Away” and “I’ll Be Alright” off their 2012 album Gossamer.  Take a walk and get on the Passion Pit train.

Here are my Pit picks including a great little cover of The Cranberries’ “Dreams.”  Check it out.

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