It’s my second Savoir Adore show in two months.  The first show at Westway in July was good.  But let’s face it,  it’s an old strip club turned night club and the sound tech was ‘meh.’  Now their playing the best venue in the city: Music Hall of Williamsburg.

What a difference a venue makes. This was their first headline gig and supported by their friends Ski Lodge and a Japanese all-girl band. I missed Ski Lodge, but went a little gaga/go-go’s for The Suzan. Cute, crazy, great energy, punk sound and they got the crowd dancing.

This whole experience got me jazzed about the music coming out of New York. I tend to fall for Brits and Aussies, but as I reflect, my favorite bands of 2013 hail from the borough of Brooklyn: Savoir Adore, St. Lucia and MS MR. I love that they’re all friends and support each other. My friend Marianne and I were Instagram-stalking Jean-Philip Grobler and Patty Beranek of St. Lucia who were front and center. I want in that club. But I’m a tone-deaf Manhattanite so I’ll settle for casual observer, perched like a meerkat on the lower right balcony to take it all in (and keep a keen eye on the dreamy Mr. Grobler).

Our Nature plays like a lullaby, and every week or so a different song on the album bubbles up as my favorite.  ‘Beating Hearts’ opened the show and beautifully blended the voices of Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro. ‘Regalia’ and ‘Sea of Gold’ are my latest favorites and deliver on the daydream premise of the album. ‘Imagination’ was played mid-set and their encore of ‘Loveliest Creature’ and ‘Dreamers’ perfectly completed the fantasy.  I’m so happy I got to see them perform again in a proper venue. I want so much for them to elevate with their St. Lucia friends to massive commercial success. They deserve it.

In case you’re wondering, Marianne and I met St. Lucia after the show.  He’s a very cool guy and charming but seemed more interested in Maz than me. And so it goes. Look forward to my review of their show in October.  In the meantime, here’s my updated Savoir Adore playlist in full regalia just for you:

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