Perhaps it’s because I’m from the ’70s that I sort of resented Icona Pop when they first hit the scene.  I admit I put them in a small pop music box when ‘I Love It’ stormed dance floors last year.  Today I’m singing a different tune thanks in part to the great music blogger Arjan Writes.

He invited me to one of his exclusive #ArtistTALK events with HP and Windows where he plays an artists’ music and asks great questions — and never the obvious ones.  What we know is Stockholm-born Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt are besties who defied the odds and became global pop stars in just four short years.  Born in ’86 and ’87 respectively, Aino and Caroline cited ABBA and Ace of Base as early influences of their brand of pop music and credited Robyn for making pop music in Sweden cool again. Sometimes their sound reminds me of my British honeys Bananarama and that makes me smile.

While they didn’t perform, they shared a lot of stories behind their music.  I’m really digging their latest single ‘All Night’ and ‘Girlfriends.’  Best fun fact of the night was the answer to one guy’s question about their favorite song to perform in karaoke bars. Answer: Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song.’  And there you have it.  These girls are gorgeous, gracious and just getting geared up.

Icona Pop

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