Irish indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club consists of three young and talented chaps: Alex Trimble (vocals, rhythm guitar) Sam Halliday (lead guitar) and Kevin Baird (bass and my friend Marianne’s latest band crush).  Together they harmoniously make some of the best jams in music today and I can’t help but put them in the company of fellow Irishmen U2 for their musical proficiency and the hooky melodies and signature vocals of U.K. greats Keane.

‘Sleep Alone’ and ‘Undercover Martyn’ got things warmed up and they never cooled off. ‘Do You Want It All?’ and their new single ‘Changing of the Seasons’ followed and I’m mad for it, particularly the Monsieur Adieu remix which is featured on my playlist below. Both of TDCC’s albums, Tourist History from 2010 and last year’s Beacon are outstanding and the guys covered a great balance of each album’s best including ‘This Is the Life’ and ‘Eat That Up, It’s Good For You’ from Tourist History and ‘Sun’ and ‘Wake Up’ from Beacon.

It was the last six songs performed that propelled this show into one of the best of the year for me: ‘Next Year,’ ‘Something Good Can Work’ and ‘Handshake’ closed the main set and they brought it home with ‘Someday,’ ‘Cigarettes in the Theatre’ and my personal anthem, ‘What You Know.’ I’ll tell you what I do know, Two Door Cinema Club is an impressive outfit — well-rounded songwriters, musicians and performers, and I have to believe these guys are the next great band out of Ireland (if they aren’t already). And I’ll drink to that.

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