What a transformational year it has been for Jessie Ware.  I first saw her at MTV’s ‘ones to watch’ showcase in January, again at Coachella and then properly at Webster Hall in April.  But it was her show at Warsaw in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Saturday night that proves how far Ms. Ware has come.  A true class act, this British ingenue first off looks fantastic. Her sharp styling, sexy midriff, hoop earrings and smart ponytail made me smile even before she launched into a sexy, jazzy take on ‘No to Love.’

I’ve been a fan of her album all year, but it does no vocal justice to Ware’s live performances.  Effortless and criminally smooth, Ware makes it look easy. Her voice soars on ‘Swan Song,’ ‘Running’ and ‘Sweet Talk’ particularly and jostles my mind as if she’s channeling the spirits of Sade and Whitney Houston.  As polished as she’s become, I’m pleased that she’s still down to earth and appreciative of her success.  Whether its flirting with gentlemen who bring her flowers, recognizing front row fans who follow her from town to town, and keeping close to her family (mom’s in the audience). I’m really excited to hear new music from Ware and I hope she unleashes those well controlled vocals a bit more. She ended the night with a Fall Out Boy cover ‘Alone Together’ and if it’s any indication of her next transformation, we’re in for more wonderfully wild moments.

Jessie Ware

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