Louisiana native Mikky Ekko is one to watch and I was fortunate to see him perform Saturday night as Jessie Ware’s warm-up act.  He’s best known for writing and performing on Rihanna’s hit single ‘Stay,’ and I have to believe that song’s success is just a glimpse of what’s ahead. He’s a very handsome guy and reminds me of James Franco with a nod to Edward Scissorhands. Swoon-worthy indeed.

The show was at Warsaw, a Polish community center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s a combination legion hall and school auditorium with elderly Polish women serving Tyskie beer and pounding away at old time, manual cash registers. Ekko put us under his spell with the song that first caught my ear earlier this year, ‘Pull Me Down,’ his new single ‘Kids’ and ‘Stay’ which he performed so passionately it induced goose bumps.  Between sets I got a moment to exchange names and chat. Next up for Ekko is a full-length album, but he wouldn’t give me a single detail. Even if he did, I was too distracted by his smile to retain the information. Pull me down, Ekko, pull me down.


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