My moonlight madness crush was on Amanda Warner last night, aka MNDR. I first saw her perform in 2010 opening for Kate Nash and again with Mark Ronson. My impression of her has evolved from odd, to hipster cool, to scintillating. I think it’s high time MNDR start headlining her own gigs. Tonight she opened for RAC, the Andre Anjos outfit best known for killer remixes. She walked on stage with her signature over-sized glasses to crickets and with a small wave of her hand invited the handful of people in the Music Hall to acknowledge her presence. Once she pushed that button on her Mac book, game over — the place swarmed with fans and she had ’em in her palm feeding them one pop gem after another. I’m mad for the new RAC single ‘Let Go’ featuring Kele and MNDR as well as her singles ‘Faster Horses,’ ‘U.B.C.L.’ and ‘Feed Me Diamonds.’ She closed her set with the Mark Ronson single ‘Bang, Bang, Bang.’ With all due respect to RAC, who were great, it was Ms. Warner’s star that shined brightest, even when it was competing with the full moon.

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