What a refreshingly fun show Savoir Adore turned out to be — a hybrid show with French Horn Rebellion with each band alternating during the set and surprising us with special guests. It’s all in the family with these two bands. Savoir Adore’s Deidre Muro is married to FHR’s David Perlick-Molinari and his brother Robert is dating the sister of SA’s Paul Hammer. The end result was like watching a close-knit group of friends jam out in their Bushwick loft on any given Friday.

Savoir Adore took the stage first playing ‘Beating Hearts’ and a few more and French Horn Rebellion took over to perform ‘This Moment’ with Muro on vocals. FHR introduced a new song with special guest Nini Fabi of Haerts which I’m so excited about. Ghost Beach also made an appearance to perform ‘Caaalifornia.’ Savoir Adore then joined the stage for the brand new single ‘The Fire’ recorded with French Horn Rebellion. They then played my favorites ‘Regalia’ and ‘Loveliest Creatures’ before FHR returned again to play ‘Friday Nights’ and an all-star jam on ‘Love is Dangerous’ and ‘Girls.’

The evening came to a climactic end with Savoir Adore’s lullaby ‘Dreamers’ and an all talent on stage lusty cover of Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me?’ The answer is yes, I want you all. Catch this tour if you can because individually or together, these bands are on fire.

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