My heart’s a flutter about the latest band out of Brooklyn called Haerts. I saw them open for the 1975 in December and was hooked. Their four-song debut EP Hemiplegia was produced by the dreamy Jean-Phillip Grobler of St. Lucia, so you know it’s good. The band features the captivating Nini Fabi (vocals), Ben Gebert (keyboard), Garrett Ienner (guitar), Derek McWilliams (bass) and for this show, St. Lucia’s drummer for the past two and a half years, Nick Brown (Nick Fleetwood on Instagram).

Haerts is a serious band and one that seems to just be getting used to live performances. All four of the songs off their EP are outstanding with ‘Wings,’ ‘Hemiplegia’ and ‘All the Days’ being my favorites, but I was taken with a new song called ‘Heart.’ I’m counting the minutes until their full-length album drops.

Here are the four published tracks to date, along with their first and only remix of another band’s music: MS MR’s ‘Think of You.’ Listen for the Taylor Dayne sample of ‘Tell It To My Haert.’

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