My short hiatus from concert-going ended with a new Classixx, an LA-based ‘nu-disco’ duo made up of DJs, remixers and producers Michael David and Tyler Blake. They opened with ‘Hanging Gardens,’ a groovy mid-tempo instrumental that heavily samples Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Seven Wonders’ — so they pretty much had me then.

‘All You’re Waiting For’ featuring guest vocalist Nancy Wang was my favorite moment. She’s fantastic and is best known for her work with The Juan MacLean and LCD Soundsystem. Two other highlights worth mentioning was their performance of my favorite Classixx song, ‘I’ll Get You’ — ‘now come and tell me do you like bass? do you do you like bass?‘ Hell yeah I do.

They closed with their hot remix of Yacht’s ‘Psychic City’ with front woman Claire Evans on the boob tube set design propped on stage. Here are a few of my Classixx picks including remixes featuring Gossip and The Preatures.

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