It’s round two of my minor infatuation with Amanda Warner, the songwriter and front woman of electronic duo MNDR. Her other half is producer Peter Wade (who does not perform in live gigs). It’s also my first opportunity to catch a show at the tiny Grasslands Gallery in Brooklyn. Tucked away on Kent Street, this might be my new favorite haunt to catch up and coming acts. Loved the intimacy and the barkeep even treated me to a free Shiner Bock. Thanks, man.

MNDR may argue, but there are seven essential tracks in her growing catalog. Set against a screen made of white sheets (love a scrappy show), she mostly satisfied my desire to hear them all. ‘Let Go’ is a current favorite, recorded with remix maestros RAC as is her next single ‘Burning Hearts.’ The latter speaks to me in volumes both in life and in the moment: ‘You’re moving slowly. Hoping time waits for the the lonely. Why are you sitting on your own?‘ Did I mentioned I went to this show on my own?

My only disappointment was that she only performed samples of ‘U.B.C.L.’ and ‘Faster Horses.’ Just one verse of each as a medley. They’re crowd pleasers so I was confused why she chose to gloss over them so quickly. I suppose a little is better than none at all, right? Her Mark Ronson collaboration ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ made the crowd happy, as did her best known single, ‘Feed Me Diamonds.’ But she saved the very best for last: ‘#1 in Heaven’ has bubbled up to best MNDR song in my book. #1 with a bullet. Do you agree?

Let’s get your party on with MNDR’s best tracks:

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