Betty Who is the breakout artist of 2014 and my favorite pop crush right now. Opening for Haerts back in early January, she’s returned to the Music Hall of Williamsburg for her own headline show and the Who Crew arrived in full force. It’s impressive how fast this girl’s star is rising and the energy level she evokes from her fans.

She opened with fresh single ‘Heartbreak Dream’ off her new EP Slow Dancing, and followed by ‘Alone Again.’ I absolutely loved her slow build-up on German electro-lounge artist Peter Thomas’ ‘All of You.’ So great. ‘Giving Me Away’ and ‘Lovin’ Start’ rounded out her set of Slow Dancing songs before confessing to an unhealthy obsession of Beyonce and performing Destiny Child’s ‘Say My Name.’ Then she performed the Betty Who of all Betty Who songs: ‘High Society.’ ‘We’ll drink chardonnay through the day cuz we say so.’ Ok, I’m in.

Her encore featured a beautiful new ballad called ‘Silas’ and her best known and gay marriage inducing song ‘Somebody Loves You.’ I’m convinced after seeing this show that she’s the next I’ll say ‘I saw her when.’ See Robyn, Janelle, Ellie. It’s practically undeniable. Watch out world, you won’t be asking ‘Betty who?‘ for long.

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