When the Pet Shop Boys come to town, my heart starts skipping a beat. every. time. And while this was technically the fourth Electric Tour show I’ve seen (twice on the first U.S. leg in New York and a truncated show at Coachella earlier this month), it’s just simply a sin to miss them. This show was the last of their second ‘mini-U.S.’ leg before heading back to Europe and Australia.

The setlist was essentially the same as the previous New York show, but they wisely swapped out ‘Memory of the Future’ for ‘Love is Bourgeois Construct.’ Highlights I still enjoy every time include their opening tunnel video ‘Axis’ that eventually introduces Neil and Chris behind a transparent screen. Drama. And classics like ‘Domino Dancing,’ ‘Rent’ and the criminally good ‘It’s a Sin.’

Of the four shows I’ve seen, this was the most difficult to see because Terminal 5 was annoyingly packed to the rafters with shits and fucks who think it’s appropriate to shove people in order to create their own dance circles. Perhaps I’m getting too old for this, so I retreated to the bar in the back for the remainder of the show.

My favorite sequence is still ‘I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing’ and ‘Suburbia’ accompanied with shimmying horned pagans. I’ll shimmy in the back corner, thank you.

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