I’ve only been to Chvrches twice in the last year, but believe me I’m a devout follower. Since the Scottish electro pop trio released its full-length album The Bones of What You Believe last summer, many of their tracks have been on heavy rotation on my CenterOrch 100 playlist. I first saw them last June when I only knew the song ‘Recover,’ and again last month at Coachella. Now they’ve brought their more polished, confident show to New York for three sold-out nights at Terminal 5 where the cavernous cathedral ceilings fill with their joyful noise.

Hearts sank as my friends and I raced into the venue on their opener ‘We Sink,’ one of their best tracks. ‘Lies,’ ‘Lungs’ and ‘Gun’ followed. Two songs that have grown on me more recently were next: ‘Night Sky’ and ‘Strong Hand,’ a late breaking bonus track on their album. ‘Science/Visions,’ their rockiest synth song and one that best showcases a mesmerizing light show of strobes and floods of pink was next and then ‘Recover.’ But the night belongs to my favorite song, ‘Tether.’ When I first started listening to it last year, I subconsciously changed the lyrics in my head: ‘feeling incapable of seeing the end. I’m feeling incapable saying it’s over.’ It’s actually ‘feeling capable,’ not incapable. It reminded me what a dark place I was last year and how the tide has turned. Perhaps I should start going to Chvrch more often.

The concert wrapped with two songs performed by Martin Doherty, ‘Under the Tide’ and ‘You Caught the Light,’ giving Lauren Mayberry a vocal break before heralding in their best song ‘The Mother We Share’ and their closer, ‘By The Throat.’ I’m really happy for the success this band from Glasgow has experienced and hope they release new music soon.

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