I fell in love with Heloise and the Savoir Faire as soon as she dropped her white feathered coat and announced to the sparse crowd at Brooklyn Bowl, ‘this is my body.’ Beyond her funny self-deprecating humor, Heloise Williams has some powerful pipes, weaving ‘atmospheric phenomenons’ into ‘heart-on-sleeve dance music.’ Whatever the hell that means, I’m digging it. Better live than recorded, Heloise shined on ‘Perelandra,’ ‘Time Lords’ and ‘Bottom to the Top.’ I gotta go see this girl again in a room that’s packed with more energy.

Bright Light Brooklyn Bowl

Once. Twice. Three times a stalker. I’ll fess up. I went to this show to see Bright Light Bright Light, the Welsh wunderkind with a gift for writing dance pop gems. While it was my third time seeing Rod Thomas perform, each time has been very different. First, a pub basement dance party, then a classy Joe’s Pub piano solo, and now an evening with Blue Ribbon fried chicken and honey at Brooklyn Bowl. Doesn’t matter the setting, Bright Light Bright Light excites my soul. I’ve documented much of his songbook before, but it was the first time to hear his new single ‘I Believe’ live in all its dance pop production glory. What do you think?

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