Electrifying. The first and only word I can use to describe Danish singer Karen Marie Ørsted, or as she’s known commercially.

To be honest, I only knew her single ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ going in. So when the invitation came from friends to check her out, I said ‘sure’ but with low expectations. My expectations were shattered. Her debut album No Mythologies to Follow is more of a party when experienced live than the recorded version. Perhaps her crowd surfing, Eva Peron-like serenades from the balcony of the Music Hall and drum set perches added to the excitement.

Check out her full set list here, featuring many songs off the album, her big closer ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ and an awesome Spice Girls cover, ‘Say You’ll Be There.’ If you have the chance to see MØ live, say you’ll be there.




    Hey, awesome post! Keep ’em coming. MØ is really an incredible artist and from the looks of it-it seems like you were a few feet away from me at this show in Brooklyn. If you’re interested in seeing some footage from that performance please check out my blog @ http://freshwolf.com thank you 🙂


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