My three-month concert hiatus is over with the spirited Lily Allen, who’s back following her three-year hiatus from recording and touring for acting and becoming a mother to Ethel (2) and Marnie (1). With a chic cropped haircut and House of Holland dress featuring baby bottles, she opened with ‘Sheezus,’ an ‘anti-pop’ anthem that challenges the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy, Gaga and Lorde to step aside. Lily wants to be ‘Sheezus.’

I still think her 2009 album It’s Not Me, It’s You is her best. Fortunately she played that album’s best tracks: ‘Not Fair,’ ‘Everyone’s At It,’ The Fear,’ ’22’ and ‘Fuck You.’ Her new album has its own set of gems including ‘Our Time,’ ‘Life For Me” and ‘L8 CMMR.’ Her closer ‘Hard Out Here’ was the night’s biggest crowd pleaser. I’m very happy Lily Allen has found her way back to the stage. After all, what would Sheezus do?

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