It’s been nearly three years since I saw The Bangles, so it was time for a fix. Sisters Debbi and Vicki Peterson and Susanna Hoffs are the founding members of the band and the only three who tour and that’s good enough for me. What’s not good enough for me or The Bangles was the venue. I will whine about City Winery until Michael Steele returns to the lineup. Unless you’re into rock band dinner theater, avoid this place.

It was a little awkward for the ladies too because I’m sure they’re used to people moving, dancing, breathing, anything. But they did as well as they could with old hits ‘A Hazy Shade of Winter,’ ‘Manic Monday’ and ‘If She Knew What She Wants.’ My favorite songs performed were the Katrina and the Waves cover ‘Going Down the Liverpool,’ a forgotten track off the Everything album, ‘Some Dreams Come True’ and ‘Anna Lee’ from their underappreciated 2011 album Sweetheart of the Sun. When they got to ‘In Your Room.’ I managed to hide next to a support beam so I could dance a little. What’s wrong with this picture, City Winery? Onward…



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