It was a night of doubles: ‘Bang Bang’ JJ (Jessie J) paired with BB (me) and my 44th birthday. What better way to celebrate than with my amazing friend Maz who hooked us up with tickets to her intimate gig at New York’s Gramercy Theatre, just one of two small gigs in the U.S. before she releases her sophomore album Sweet Talker.

I can’t believe the vocals that come out of this girl. They’re almost unreal. The night featured soon-to-be hits ‘Sexy Lady,’ ‘Ain’t Been Done’ and ‘Burnin’ Up’ with certified hits ‘Domino,’ ‘Price Tag’ and ‘Bang Bang.’ But my favorite moments were her performances of ‘Wild’ which came out last year and ‘Where You Are,’ the latter induced a full tilt sing-a-long with the crowd. This showcase proved that Jessie J has doubled down on her game with solid new songs, madder vocals and top-notch showmanship. Watch her run wild.

Me and Jess

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