Holler and Yelle, the French electro pop trio is back with their third album, Complètement Fou, produced by super producer Dr. Luke. As a live act, Yelle is fantastic with Julie Budet (aka Yelle) on lead vocals and percussion, and Gran Marnier and Tepr on a pair of drums. The bar was set high since seeing them in Buenos Aires three years ago. Tonight they were in the less-than-desirable Irving Plaza. In a dick move by the venue, balcony views are only available for a premium now, or ‘upgrade’ as the guy said. New Yorkers are wiser than to fall for that crap, thus it made the main floor uncomfortably crowded. But the lame venue didn’t damper Yelle’s energy.

The show was fairly balanced with songs from their first album Pop Up including ‘Je Veux Te Voir’ and ‘Tristesse/Joie,’ their last album Safari Disco Club including ‘Unillusion,’ ‘Comme Un Enfant’ and ‘J’ai Bu’ and songs from their new album. ‘À Cause Des Garçons’ and ‘Que Veux-Tu’ are still my favorite all-time tracks; however, ‘S’éteint Le Soleil’ and their new single and title track ‘Complètement Fou’ are closing in. Completely Crazy in a very good way. Viva Yelle.

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