Who could resist an invitation to Las Vegas to catch the Britney: Piece of Me show at Planet Hollywood? I’m prone to pan the musical gift of Britney Spears but when in Vegas, I wanna go, go go, right?

The last time I saw Britney was in Argentina three years ago on her Femme Fatale tour, so I knew what was going to happen. Lots of fun hits, little live singing and lackluster dancing, so I set my expectations low. Guess what? She met my expectations. She’s not even half way through her two-year residency and Britney just phones it in. Sorry Britney fans, but it’s the truth.

I did enjoy her one brief moment of live singing on ‘Perfume,’ which was written by Sia. I also liked the end of the show which featured two of my favorite Britney songs, ‘Stronger’ and ‘Till the World Ends.’ Fortunately, the world didn’t end and the weekend was saved the next night by class-act artist in residence, Shania Twain.

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