It took a year, but my pet band of 2014, Brooklyn-based Haerts, finally released their first full-length album.  The self-titled record, produced by Jean-Philip Grobler, the handsome and talented man behind St. Lucia, features all the tracks from previously released EPs and singles plus five new tracks.

My favorite new song is ‘Heart’ which wonderfully wreaks of vintage Fleetwood Mac. Nini Fabi’s voice echoes that of a young Stevie Nicks without the rasp. Her voice soars. Other new tracks I love include ‘No One Needs To Know,’ ‘Be The One’ and ‘Hope’ which she dedicated to Grobler. Other highlights include ‘Hemiplegia,’ the beautifully lush ‘Call My Name’ and ‘All the Days’ in which Fabi just wails. Best crowd-pleasing moments came in the form of ‘Wings,’ their first single, and ‘Giving Up,’ their latest. If you don’t know them now, get on board. I guarantee you’ll heart Haerts.

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