Another year, another B-52s concert. My friend Brian and I never miss them and we eagerly await to see which girl will be ‘on’ that evening: Cindy or Kate. One usually seems less than happy than the other to be there. This year at Irving Plaza, both were on fire and along with Fred, tore through 16 songs including a few requisite hits but mostly a deep dive selection into their seven-album catalog. This was definitely a show for the true beehive fans. ‘Love Shack’ acolytes be gone.

They opened with ‘Pump’ from their 2008 album Funplex and ‘Mesopotamia’ from 1982. ‘Lava’ was the first of five tracks from their eponymous 1979 debut album. They would go on to play ‘Dance This Mess Around,’ ‘6060-842,’ and closers ‘Planet Claire’ and ‘Rock Lobster.’ Cindy always has a solo and shuffles between ‘Give Me Back My Man’ and ‘Girl From Ipanema Goes to Greenland.’ This time we went to Greenland with the girl with perfectly pristine vocals (last time her voice was shot), and a sharp new short haircut. She looked amazing.

Other deep tracks included ‘Legal Tender’ and ‘Whammy Kiss’ from 1983’s Whammy album, ‘Party Out of Bounds’ from 1980’s Wild Planet, and my favorite tracks of the night: ‘Is That You, Mo-Dean?’ from 1992’s criminally underrated Good Stuff and ‘Love in the Year 3000’ from Funplex. I will love The B-52s forever, and we can only be so lucky that they keep touring until the year 3000. ‘Astro projector for the outer space scene!

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