The dream is still alive as I got a fortunate invitation to see ’90s knockouts Wilson Phillips at one of my favorite venues, Highline Ballroom. They took the world by storm with ‘Hold On’ back in 1990, and a quarter century later, Carnie, Wendy and Chynna, look and sound better than ever.

Their nostalgic renaissance arrived with ‘Bridesmaids’ in 2012, when they performed ‘Hold On’ at Lillian’s over-the-top wedding. It’s cool these ladies seem to genuinely appreciate their little place in pop culture. They really don’t take it all too seriously. If you watch a lot of MSNBC like I do, you’ve probably seen Carnie’s appearance with Flo in one of Progressive Insurance‘s new spots. Brilliant.

My pal Frank and I weaved our way to the front of the stage, right under the microphone of Wendy Phillips. They played all their big hits. All five of them: ‘The Dream Is Still Alive,’ ‘You’re In Love,’ ‘Impulsive,’ my favorite ‘Release Me,’ and we held on for their closer, ‘Hold On.’ As the offspring of Mamas, Papas and Beach Boys, they performed some of their best songs like ‘California Dreamin” and ‘Monday Monday.’ But they also played songs they just loved growing up including Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ and ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen.’  The latter featured much of the audience dancing on stage, including my friend Frank. I may not have received the ‘get on stage’ nod, but I got a lot of love from Carnie including a dash across the stage to shake my hand in the end.

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