Starting in 2016, I made a commitment to pick up the pace on seeing shows, but limit myself to seeing the up and coming acts I’m into at venues I can handle. I’m cutting back on artists I see over and over again, and fewer (if any) reports from venues that piss me off (I’m talking to you, Terminal 5). First up this year is Australian ‘indietronica’ band, Miami Horror, featuring producer and DJ, Benjamin Plant, Josh Moriarty and Aaron Shanahan on guitar, and Daniel Whitechurch on bass and keyboards.

It feels like years since I’ve been to a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg, and it feels like home. Unfortunately good feelings dissipated as a self-entitled young woman rudely shoved herself and her boyfriend into our go-to perch on stage right. A total Terminal 5 move, a Williamsburg Horror if you will, but I digress.

Despite the shape-shifting crowd, the boys from Down Under did not disappoint. They opened with ‘American Dream,’ off their 2015 album All Possible Futures. The whole record reminds me of my teenage years. There’s even a 1986 Fort Mustang convertible on the cover (my parents had one). Next they played ‘I Look to You’ from their first album, Illumination, which on the recorded version features New Zealand ingenue Kimbra. Other standout moments of the evening included ‘Real Slow,’ ‘Love Like Mine,’ ‘Wild Motion (Set It Free)’ and ‘Forever Ever,’ their closer. Check out the whole set list here:


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