Floored, bruised and lifted was my emotional state after seeing synth pop band Chairlift Sunday night. Perhaps best known for their song ‘Bruises’ which was featured in an Apple ad back in 2008, the Brooklyn-based duo comprised of Patrick Wimberly and Caroline Polachek, played two sold out shows in one day at Music Hall of Williamsburg to showcase new work off their 2016 album, Moth.

They opened with ‘Look Up’ and ‘Polymorphing’ from the new album and a few of the best tracks from their second album Something in 2012: ‘Safari Sidewalk,’ ‘Amanaemonesia,’ and the tune that first grabbed my attention, ‘I Belong In Your Arms.’ The new album is quite good, particularly the singles ‘Romeo,’ ‘Ch Ching’ and their best dance anthem yet, ‘Moth to the Flame.’ But my favorite is ‘Crying in Public.’ In describing the song, songwriter Polachek said ‘It’s not necessarily crying in public because something bad happened, but the feeling of becoming very small and humble when you first fall in love.’ I’m sorry for causing a scene on the train. I love the lyric, I love her voice and I love her ponytail.



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