Tuesday night was date night with myself and I chose to see New Zealand-based Broods, an indie pop duo featuring the genetically blessed Nott siblings. Georgia Nott is on lead vocals, and her older brother Caleb Nott, a multi-instrumentalist, is the producer and provides backing vocals. I generally put bands in two categories: recording artists and live artists. Some bands sound better recorded than they do live, and vice versa. As they opened with ‘Conscious,’ I put them in the former category, but as the night unfolded, I changed my mind.

Broods 2

I will argue that Broods’ recordings better capture the nuance of Georgia’s voice, with the exception of ‘Bedroom Door’ and ‘Freak of Nature,’ which were stripped down as acoustic performances, with Caleb on guitar.  ‘Hold the Line,’ ‘Recovery,’ ‘Heartlines’ and ‘Are You Home’ are four of my favorite tracks off the new album, and ‘Mother & Father’ from their debut album is perhaps my favorite overall. But you can’t deny the power of a good self-expression song, so I think ‘Free’ topped the night, capped with their encore closer, ‘Couldn’t Believe.’ ‘I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe my luck.



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